Design Culture

"Make Eating healthily and easily fun and easy for everyone."
We always wanted to revolutionize the way we eat during the break. Most people rely on fast-food, the cafeteria, or snacks to keep them going at work. Most of the time, it's unhealthy, too expensive, and not even good.
All the lunch boxes we saw currently available on the market were just not what we wanted. Their designs were way too limiting, and we wanted to carry lots of food!
The truth is most lunchboxes nowadays are simply not optimized for true everyday lunch use.
And that's why we have created the MaxxiBox. A lunch box that makes eating healthily and easily a pleasure and not a burden.
There is Lots to Love

Designed with you in mind, the MaxxiBox is a lunch box that you will truly love as you uncover it's unrivaled functionality in its everyday use.
Easily and effectively carry all kinds of food in your MaxxiBox. Be it soups, meats, or desserts.
Bring a lot of food without mixing. Leave extra compartments at home and go light.
Don't be afraid. All materials used do not leave or leak chemicals after washing or microwaving.
We care about our Planet's future. Your MaxxiBox is 100% recyclable and helps fight plastic waste.