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Lunch Box Revolution
The MaxxiBox Lunch Box by MaxxiKitchen is the world’s first compact, 3-tiered lunchbox that offers lots of new storage possibilities.
Unique Lunch Capabilities
Easily portion meals for a healthier and balanced diet. Store soup, meat, fruits, and dessert in one compact and light, convenient box!
Thanks to our unique design, you can carry much more delicious food of different kinds and textures without mixing! All while retaining its freshness and also preserving space.
Infinite Applications
Truly, you no longer have to sacrifice your health or appetite just because you are outside. Prep your meal at home, and enjoy it comfortably no matter where you are.
There is an infinite amount of applications for the MaxxiBox, and it's up to you to decide where you will use yours. So far, our customers have told us that they love using it the most at the office, at school, while hiking, for picnics, and even while on a kayak trip!
Sturdy and Waterproof
Kayaking with your lunchbox? Yes, that might sound a little unusual. (We were surprised too) But it's entirely possible with the MaxxiBox. This is achieved thanks to its durable design and tight seal around each container that makes each container of the MaxxiBox 100% waterproof.
That means that no water is coming in, and no soup is getting out!
Also, don't be afraid to drop it. Unlike your regular lunch box, which will come apart and let all your food out in case you drop it, the MaxxiBox is guaranteed to stay intact.
A thought-through ecological structure 
As you can see, the three-tiered MaxxiBox has six containers inside, each capable of holding a generous amount of food, even the little "plates."
Made of Recyclable Eco-plastic, the plates act as covers for each container, providing a tight seal and ensuring that there are no unexpected spills. They are also equipped with a valve allowing any steam to escape which prevents condensation inside the container.
The inside of each container is lined with stainless steel making the whole MaxxiBox 100% recyclable. Even though we only use plastics of the highest food standards, we have specifically chosen to line the container with stainless steel to avoid any possible minuscule contamination over a long period of daily use. And if you ever need to microwave your food, simply use the special plates!
The MaxxiBox Limited Edition Bag
The MaxxiBox limited edition bag makes it even easier to carry your MaxxiBox around.
As it's equipped with an adjustable belt, you can put the MaxxiBox over your shoulder or attach it to your bag or backpack, which makes it perfect for those who are always on the move.
Furthermore, the inside of the bag is lined with metallic thermal retaining materials, which helps extend the thermal properties of the MaxxiBox while protecting it from wear and tear on the outside.
By buying the MaxxiBox + Bag bundle, you are saving 50% on the bag!
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each container can be used on its own or in combination with other containers. Think of each container as a "building block." For example, if you buy the three-tiered version, and on a particular occasion you don't want to take the whole box with you, you can only take one container and the lid, and you will have a one-tiered lunch box.

As the inside of the containers is lined with stainless steel, it's not recommended to put the metallic parts in the microwave. If you wish to microwave your food, please use the plastic levels included with each container.

The MaxxiBox is not a thermos and it won't keep your food piping hot for hours on end. However, the MaxxiBox does have heat-retaining capabilities and when tested with boiling hot water it kept the water warm for up to 4 hours. The Limited Edition Bag helps increase these heat-retaining capabilities and makes the whole box even easier to carry.

Yes, you can put food of different temperatures in different containers. However, please keep in mind that it will not be able to retain the temperature for long periods of time. That can only be achieved with an isothermic container or a complete vacuum. The MaxxiBox doesn't have these features because it would have made the lunch box very heavy and bulky. This would contradict the main ideas behind the MaxxiBox, which are modularity, light-weight, and compactness.

The two-tiered version weighs 470 grams or 1 pound, and the three-tiered version weighs 650 grams or 1.4 pounds.

The MaxxiBox is cylindrical. The two-tiered version is 23 centimeters or 9 inches tall and 11 centimeters or 4.3 inches wide. The three-tiered version is 30 centimeters or 11.8 inches tall and 11 centimeters or 4.3 inches wide.

Yes, each container of the MaxxiBox is 100% waterproof. The MaxxiBox can even be fully submerged underwater for up to two meters without letting any water inside the containers. * However, the section where the plastic plate connects with the bottom of the container is not waterproof. Please, see the last question for a diagram.

Yes, the whole MaxxiBox is shock-resistant and is guaranteed to preserve your food in case of a drop. It doesn't open even when dropped on concrete.

Please, have a look at the diagram below to find the capacity of the two-tiered MaxxiBox.

Please, have a look at the diagram below to find the capacity of the three-tiered MaxxiBox.

There is no such thing as a "Lunchbox for Men" or "Lunchbox for Women." The MaxxiBox was designed for everyone!


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